Athletes of the Month - June

June 16, 2018


The Pummill's are our athletes of the month for June 2018! We typically feature individual athletes, one male and one female, but this couple broke all the rules and delivered a perfect match.  Congratulations guys! 


As always, ladies first. 


Emily Rachel Pummill


When did you join: October, 2017


Occupation: Surgical device sales


What is your spirt animal: Goat for sure. I eat everything in sight.


Biggest Motivation: the way I feel after a workout and for the rest of that day


Favorite quote: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain"


Favorite Workout fuel: Concept Green Apple


Favorite lift: Deadlifts or hang cleans


Least favorite lift: overhead squats


Favorite workout so far: As much as I despise them during the workout, I really enjoy the partner WODS; it's so cool to see the support and push you get from the other athletes, even if you are just meeting for the first time. 


Athlete of the month goals: Hmmmmm, not sure how much space I can take up but...handstand push ups, stringing together my toes to bar and double-unders, pull ups without the band


Personal: Complete the 21 day life challenge by Jesse Elder


Professional: Become an expert on procedural and product knowledge to become a trusted advisor and valuable asset to my accounts


Athletic: Consistently participate in the power or comp metcons, improve something every time I come in the gym


Why do you choose MC CrossFit? Aside from the incredible programming and coaching you get on a daily basis, the community is what gets me excited to walk through the doors. We have made friends here we never would have met, and even our kids get excited to see the friendly faces there- oh yeah, the kids pit is pretty nice too!



Clayton James Pummill


When did you join: August 2017


Occupation: Professional Bullrider/Jockey/Cybersecurity Professional


What is your spirt animal: Unicorn


BIggest Motivation: Beating Goliath/The Sheriff. Also being better than I was the day before.


Favorite quote: The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; But it is fear.


Favorite Workout fuel: Pina Colada Bang


Favorite lift: Weighted pullups or deadlifts


Least favorite lift: Assault Bike. Is that a lift? My little legs don't like it.


Favorite workout so far: Anything with deadlifts and HSPUs


Athlete of the month goals: 1000lb club, overhead squats, catching in a squat position


Personal: spread love, be happy, be nice


Professional: making money, solving big problems


Athletic: 1000 pound club. Did I already say that?


Why do you choose MC CrossFit? The unicorns/friends/supportive community, talented athletes. Since I've started there, I've felt better than I ever have. 



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